Ecojesuit Agri Platform

Feel free to copy the invitation template below to invite others to our platform. Thank you!

Dear [Name],

We invite you to join Farm For Care (FFC), Ecojesuit’s online platform for agroecology and food systems, FFC is an online space where we encourage people to pose questions, share local techniques, and exchange ideas around agroecology and organic farming.

During a series of dialogues with the Jesuit Conferences earlier in the year that saw the development of Ecojesuit’s commitments (Lead Actions), the value of agriculture emerged as a primary focus in response to the global pandemic, rural employment, ecological justice, climate change, land use, and human rights. This was clearly echoed and understood by all Conferences in terms of Laudato Si’, and the Universal Apostolic Preferences (UAPs). FFC is an attempt to follow through on the first Lead Action: Connecting agriculture and entrepreneurship. This is starting small, and we seek to keep this community growing in the next year.

Each of you brings an amount of experience that would be valuable to share and dialogue around.

Please visit to sign up.

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