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    Brex Arevalo

    Hello! I was very fascinated by the community-based food system approaches of Valley Verde, Fresh Approach, and La Mesa Verde in California that were presented in the Agroecology For Food System Change event. Does anyone know of similar initiatives in other areas where organizations work together and network?

    Regular typhoons here in the Philippines, in addition to pandemic lockdowns, tend to disrupt supply chains so I think having locally grown food sources would be really valuable in the long-run. Household plant ownership and sales have also boomed during the pandemic, and though more green is always welcome in concrete cityscape in Manila, I’m wondering how to encourage more local food growing so things go beyond beautification purposes. There are little pockets of urban gardens here and there, but they are mostly new and not connecting strongly yet with each other like in Valley Verde’s partnership with the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition for seed giveaways.

    Online links to articles or videos would really help. Agriculture is not a very attractive topic in my area, so fun and engaging examples would be great. Thanks so much in advance! 😊  

    Errol Merquita

    Green Releaf Initiative Inc. promotes  Permaculture  Framework.  Check-out and their wonderful work in the Philippines.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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